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I’ve just arrived back from holiday. I plan to make a few posts about different aspects of my holiday around parts of Argentina and I’ll start off with my favourite


I spent some days in Bariloche which is the chocolate capital of Argentina. It’s also other things but we’re sticking with chocolate for now :). I would say that every block of the main street has at least 4 chocolate shops so I made it my mission to collect as many samples as I could on the first day. I have since divided them between my partner and I and am trying to eat only two little pieces a day. I can’t not eat them! but I don’t want to leave aside my primal principles hence the daily ration. I also mentioned, of course, that I found some 80% and 90% cacao chocolate but that’ll have to wait a little or I might end up rolling home :D.

Not too shabby considering you get one piece of chocolate per shop… I kept collecting on the other days I was there of course hehe.

I fell in love with a chocolate shop called Rapa Nui. I found a wee cafĂ© attached to the outside of the shop itself and it was just amazing. Totally not for the Primal folks though as sugar and grains ran amok but I indulged and took advantage of the 80/20 principle;). I paid for it later though d’oh. I ate some fresh raspberries which were dipped in white chocolate and then milk chocolate. You can see from this photo what they were like (heaven)

I also ate some little sweet pastry things with my family. The one I ate (with the 3 little raspberries on top) was kind of like a little french tart.

Here are some more of their displays


I’ll see if I can create these cupcakes primal style.

Hope you’re all well! Enjoy the eye candy :D.


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