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Awesome weekend

I’ve just had a great weekend away with my best friend. I tried to primalise the weekend as much as possible so here go the photos 😀

The first night was a bonfire night. We had a BBQ… I’ve only got a photo of the first plate of food that I ate *sheepish*. A couple more sausages, chicken nibbles, and steak ensued…

After the yummy BBQ dinner everyone headed outside to enjoy two bonfires. I did have some gluten-free toasted marshmallows but I think I’m going to try and recreate some sugar free ones because they weren’t too good on the old system. I had lots of fun creating some primal proses – what a shame the Mark’s Daily Apple competition for Grokposes has been and gone.

‘Twas I in the first photo

The photo that started it all off – friends goofing around gave me the idea

Fun times 😀

I think I managed to make it a fairly primal evening ;). Has anyone else managed to do this while out having fun? Would love to hear your experiences.


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