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Hi all! Sorry for the absence – I’ve been busy running around Buenos Aires (and now Bariloche) with my family. I will update more about that when I have more time. 

I’ve had a lot of success with regards to talking to my family about eating flour and other high carbs. I hope to be able to help my Mum and Gran more than anything as they both suffer joint pains from being overweight :S.

It’s nearly 5pm on Wednesday afternoon – I’ve just spent the day running around the chocolate shops in Buenos Aires. In addition to buying I’ve been collecting chocolate samples from each and every shop (there are like 4 on each block lol). I just bought myself an 80% and 90% cacao bar which I’m excited to try. I’ll post pictures of all these later when I get back to the city where I’ve been living.

In the meantime, however, you may enjoy this

I made an apple and cinnamon cake for my Gran’s birthday – I get to celebrate her birthday with her about 5 days late but it’s better than nothing.

Apple and Cinnamon Cake

3/4 granny smith apple made into apple puree

1 cup coconut flour

6 tbsp butter

1 tsp baking soda

1 tsp cinnamon

15 drops of stevia

2 eggs

1 tbsp lemon juice

I also had a ocuple of tbsps of cream cheese which I threw into the mix

Mix all the wet ingredients except the lemon juice together and then add the dry ingredients to the wet. Add the lemon juice last and combine well. Cook at 350ºF for about 25-30 minutes until a toothpick inserted into the centre comes out clean.

Top with apple slice from the remaining 1/4 apple.

It’s a little crumbly but this cake beats the kiwifruit one I created a couple of weeks ago hands down! We enjoyed it the first and second day :).


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I didn’t do too well getting into the photo I know hehe

I went out for a farewell dinner last night with my old workmates as I’m leaving Argentina soon. I decided to take some photos of the food/evening…

The girls I worked with have seen me go through weight loss and weight gain for the last year and a half; most of us were “dieting” the whole time I worked. When I quit my job I was about 1 month into my Primal lifestyle; the girls saw the changes it wrought and consequently they were all dying to know what I was doing to lose the extra fat. However, when I told them that I no longer eat wheat (and very little sugar) they didn’t really want to know about it lol. It’s amazing how ingrained in our culture wheat is (pun intended).

I ordered a steak with salad (cabbage and hard boiled egg) on the side and added in some cashew nuts and walnuts which I brought from home lol. I couldn’t eat the whole steak – it was massive! I also splurged later and ate some lemon ice-cream. Good thing I’m going to buy myself an ice-cream maker when I get back home to NZ! I can’t wait to try out recipes and post them on here – bring on Summer :D.

My workmates ordered spaghetti or chicken with fried potatoes (yummy trans fat).

Has anyone else come across this situation where people want to know how to lose the extra fat but when you tell them that you no longer eat wheat or other sugars then they’re not so keen? How does one go about explaining the Primal lifestyle food choices? I just read this free e-book from Health Habits the other day and I think it does quite a good job of explaining the Paleoers. I also know that Mark’s Daily Apple has a pdf /e-book that you can print off (will try and find the link to it to put on here) to show people who are interested in the Primal lifestyle. But what if you’re not walking around with those printed off… what do you tell people?

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I had a few kiwifruit lying around that I needed to put to good use. I was never going to manage to eat them all before they got past their best so I decided to make a cake out of them 🙂

Kiwifruit, coconut, and lemon cake
1.5 kiwifruit chopped
100 grams butter
3 eggs
1.5 cups desiccated coconut (which I processed to make it more like “flour”)
1.5 tsp baking soda
zest of 1 lemon
half juice of one lemon
10 drops stevia
optional Chia seeds (I had some lying around so I threw them in too)

Cream butter and eggs together using an electric mixer. Add coconut “flour” and baking soda to egg and butter mixture, combine and then add in drops of stevia. Mix lemon zest, lemon juice, kiwifruit, and chia seeds together and then add to the previous mixture. Stir to combine. My cake tin was quite big so the mixture didn’t fill it much. I cooked the cake at 170ºC for around 20 minutes (actually I think it was 23 minutes) but depending on the shape and depth of your tin you may need to adjust the time.

It’s not a very big cake – you might want to double the recipe to get a decent sized one (and adust cooking times of course). Also, the cake was a bit crumbly but it tasted soooooo goooood! I’m prepared to put up with a little mess for the sake of great food hehe. I love being creative… especially when it comes to food :D. Oh and I have a little confession to make – today was the first day I’d ever tried kiwifruit. The Kiwi who’d never eaten Kiwifruit – sad but true lol. Needless to say I love them and the remaining kiwifruit will disappear very shortly ;).

Oh and on a side note, Shelby is giving away larabars. I also haven’t actually ever tried one of these… well that’s not strictly true. I haven’t eaten an actual Larabar but I have made my own larabars which I’m sure taste exactly the same. I will post that recipe later.

If anyone makes this cake and has some suggestions then please let me know! I’m no chef and will gladly take into account any advice you might have. Bon appetit!

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